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Proud member of IATSE Local 487

I have experience with a wide range of industry standard equipment and I am knowledgeable on standard practices for production sound.

My production experience includes feature length films, documentaries, reality, commercials, industrials, live streams, pod casts, and voice over recording.

Industry standard rates.


Recorders: Mixpre10T, 702

Mixers: 302

Boom Mics: MKH-50 (2), MKH-416, CS-M1, NT-4

Wireless: Lectrosonics 411a (5), UM400a (3), SM, SMWB

Lavs: Tram TR-50 (2), COS-11 (4), Countryman B6 (2)

Timecode: TS-C slate, Tentacle Sync Box (2)

IFB: Comteks (2), Wireless Monitor Setup

Hops: Sennheiser G3 (2)

Boom Pole: K-Tek KE-110CCR (2)

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